Porridge Barometer

Its been a busy week since I started this blog two weeks ago. Three photography jobs that have had me retouching and editing every spare computer moment so that the porridge has literally gone on the back-burner. have still made porridge but it has ben noticeably less delicious without the patience and the passion , and one day i even forgot it and let it burn to a black thickened mass on the stove before I realised that my work had hijacked my precious morning mediation. Making porridge is a focus on health and clarity and so I know that when I don’t have time to watch the pot that my life is a little out of balance. I want to bring it back. i will bring it back. I am off to the kitchen to s-l-o-w-l-y make porridge, read a little bit of Birds Best and Relatives as i sit by the pot listening to the floop floop of the air escaping the thickening gruel. I think it will be a banana , soy, sultana combo this morning with just the tiniest dash of maple syrup.


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