Peachy Porridge

Peachy porridgePeachy porridge
I wanted to cook peachy porridge this morning just so i could use that as the title of this post. The assonance is almost as satisfying as the delicious tasting porridge it turned out to be. Heat released fructose is also a far more fashionable sweetener than white sugar  – now a swear word in contemporary recipes.
Peaches are expensive here in Hong kong, but three slightly bird pecked imported American beauties in the specials basket shouted peachy porridge at me and ten hong kong dollars later were ensconced in a plastic  shopping bag awaiting culinary transformation.

The recipe:

Handful of oats  in small pot covered with a few cm’s of water
Half a peach sliced directly into pot  with oats and stewed together for a few minutes
Pinch of pink himalayan salt.
Watch the pot maintaining  a lovely watery gruel ( we need a new word for gruel as it sounds like poverty food)
Cool with ice cubes to maintain raw qualities of next ingredients.
Dollop up with  natural yoghurt
Slice other half of fresh peach into the bowl.

Sit back and savour thinking of Greek Islands and Stone Fruit in Brown paper bags bought from CBD pushcarts in Sydney, and any other peachy memories that can add to the experienece.


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