Typhoon Flax and Date Porridge

Was a typhoon 3 last night here in hong Kong. It is still as hot as buggery, but there is an atmosphere of Dutch winter in the morning-light which is shouting flax and date oat-porridge with a shaving of nutmeg to alleviate the fatigue of all the lifting of plants and windchimes and coconut shell mobiles from off the balcony last night.
Flax is a seed that comes as a brunette or blonde that drags all types of cancerifying substances from your body by some magical means. At the same time it is an Avon lady knocking at the mitochondrial door of your cells to drop off omega 3 moisturising packages that supple-up your skin ( and other organs) from the inside.
 WHO recoomends 35 grams of fibre a day. One cup of oats is 7 of those grams, a table spoon of fresh ground flax bumps this up to  I should google THIS but lets say double for now.
And the taste. Nutty, homey, autumnal, dutch winter or  post-typhoonal as it is here in Hong Kong.
Organic dates were chosen for todays sweetner as they were on special at THREE SIXTY, Hong Kong’s Organic food meaglopolis, so really add whatever fruit you want, but the dates wre supersweet and their texture once cooked and disolved were so sublimlely compatibel with ground flax to justify a special trip to buy these preserved delicasies ( try Jordan, Libya or Abu Dhabi).

The recipe:

Handful and a half of oats in a small pot with water and exotic salt.
A scraping of nutmeg for dutch winter ambienece and to banish fatigue.
One date chopped , throw the seed in for good measure.
Table spoon of flax ground in a coffee grinder (otherwise it travels straight through you without giving up its Omegas.)
Cook thin i.e add extra water if you are in a warm climate like Hong kong.
Decant into a bowl.
Cool so that you dont cook the flax – it is much more potent raw, I beleieve. Add ice cubes to speed cooling.
Splash on some sugarless soy milk
Chop in a second date.
Add the tiniest dribble of maple syrup if you require extra sweetening.

Sit at a window, think about tulips and windmills and ships bringing back nutmeg from the colnies under typhhon blackened skies.

One fly in this healty porridge. On googling flax a to check my facts, Wikipedia whilst saying flax is genrally considered anti cancer and good source of fibre, also references the Mayo clinic s (inconclusive) findings that the linolic acids in flax may actually increase prostate cancer and breast cancer risks amongst susceptables.
So dont over do the flax.


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