The Ying and Yang of Oolong Wolfberry Gruel

Oats oat always oats.
I am fixated a little on porridge being oats but am raring to start moving into Asian porridges with this blog.
Stuart, my friend from Yangshuo in China is staying here and keen for a Chinese congee from Uncle Juk later this morning but in the meantime the morning oats have been Asianified as follows;

A shou (chinese for hand) of oats
Three to ten ladles of water slowly adding to your desired consistency of gruel- a word that means thin soupy porridge.
Four misty mountain spring oolong balls
One plump salt crystal
Ten wolfberries ground in the coffee grinder
Crumble of cinnamon.

The review:
The flavour of the Oolong is very subtle but I like the idea that you can get your cup of tea and morning oats in this food drink combo. Great for people on the run.
This is an antioxidant feast both from the green tea (i eat the entire unfurled leaves , and the wolfberries which are the most antioxidant rich food of all if you believe the hype on the Internet. The Chinese have used them in culinary medicine for thousands of years. They are heaty – good for a cold damp yin ( as in yin yang) disposition – as is cinnamon.

This can be offset with a celery juice, or lemon water, or a glass of barley grass which, cools and alkalises and helps to counter too much yang.


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