Luscious Lemons and Pandanus Buddha and Longevity God-blessed porridge

We are pushing boundaries on the porridge front this morning. Cooking lemons gives you bitter marmalade, but an infusion of lemon myrtle, lemon balm, lemon thyme and lemon verbena, otherwise known as Luscious Lemon tea, ensures the flavour of lemon and all its cooling properties without making the porridge tart. Adding a fresh stalk of lemon grass from the garden, and a Pandanus leaf – featured in all Asian desserts – particularly Thai – my porridge inspirations suddenly became Thai. In the photo we have the three helpers of the the longevity immortal attempting to hoist a peach into the concoction  (where were they on the peachy porridge post?), and chatachak lotuses garlanding the bowl, symbolising Buddhist perfection. Awakening!
The flavour is lemony to be sure, the Pandanus was over-powered, but hopefully still dispensed its skin toning and stomach soothing magic for which it is medicinally valued. It might work better to brew a tea first, cool it and use it as the porridge water, rather than throwing the forest of lemon herbs straight into the pot as I did. This all in the pot method leads to a rather chewy breakfast.

a delicious porridge made with luscious lemons tea

a delicious porridge made with luscious lemons tea


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  1. I love this photo on your porridge blog and the thoughts of the lemon etc

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