My first groat

Groats are de-hulled whole grains, usually further processed by steaming, pressing and cutting into rolled oats. Rawists and whole foodists prefer them for being closer to the stalk from which ideally one could be munching them straight from the field. Cooked-foodists counter with talk of the cell wall keeping the nutrients locked inside unless broken down with a bit of cooking, soaking, or fructose stripping. Keeping the carbs locked in the cell wall may help you lose weight, but then the oat-germ inside is where many of the the vitamins and minerals and anti oxidants reside. Should we get obsessed with this. YES!!! If you want. Or just be a varietist. Raw one day, sprouted another, soaked in juice, cooked in a rice cooker. My first EVER batch of groats is soaking in a steel cup awaiting inspiration. They have had three washes of cool filtered water over 20 hours. I think I may give them a final wash in a 75 degree kettle boiled bath, add a splash of orange juice to fascilitate a chemical peel, and serve with honey and soy.


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