Porridge for Flu

Soup, ginger, warm, cooked foods, gruel, fish, non fried foods, elder flower , cinnamon, were all  consistent suggestions in Google’s reply to my search for flu foods and herbs. As it is summer in the South of China, it is likely to be a wind-heat flu or a damp heat one, which I can check by sticking my tongue out and seeing if it is red with a yellow slimy overlay and checking for a floating pulse. This is in a traditional Chinese medicine style of diagnosis.
Use the heaty properties of the ginger and cinnamon to fry the pathogens says a more western pathogen centric herbalist – who doesn’t distinguish between the  wind heat flu and the wind cold flu which require opposite approaches. I feel I should go for for neutral foods to cooling as  the evidence is stacking up to it being a wind heat evil that has got into my system, but decide to fry it first with double  ginger in rice  congee and some cinnamon tea (also very heaty).  Then balance my disharmony afterwards with cooling teas, vegetable juices and green barley powder.


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