Black sesame, cardamon, date and honey almost-vegan-god porridge

black sesame porridge

black sesame porridge

In a pot on slow boil: oats, cardamon pod, water, sprinkle of black sesame, honey.
In the grinder: cardamon pod, dessert spoon of black sesame.
Add to the oats when you like depending on your attitude to RAW.
Served as usual with a splash of unsweetened soy.
I though this might qualify me as a vegan god, but have just realised that the honey has been appropriated from the bee’s.

Still congested but recovering from windheat evils (summer flu), it appears that this combo wasn’t a bad choice. In traditional Chinese medicine, black sesame is used  to help patients  replenish  essential minerals lost during illness ( strengthens bones too and also cuts cholesterol). Cardamon is used to treat throat troubles, congestion of the lungs and digestive disorders ( to also only mention a few uses).

Tastes like a Nepalese desert.


2 Responses

  1. Black sesame seeds have been used to help patients recover from serious illnesses and fevers. The seeds replenish the body of essential minerals lost during illness. As well as assisting in recovery, black sesame seeds may be used to help prevent illness by reducing cholesterol. The seeds contain phytosterol, which is a compound similar to cholesterol but actually reduces it in the body.

  2. From wikipedia:
    Green cardamom in South Asia is broadly used to treat infections in teeth and gums, to prevent and treat throat troubles, congestion of the lungs and pulmonary tuberculosis, inflammation of eyelids and also digestive disorders. It also is used to break up kidney stones and gall stones, and was reportedly used as an antidote for both snake and scorpion venom bite. Amomum is used as a spice and as an ingredient in traditional medicine in systems of the traditional Chinese medicine in China, in Ayurveda in India, Japan, Korea and Vietnam.
    Species in the genus Amomum are also used in traditional Indian medicine. Among other species, varieties and cultivars, Amomum villosum cultivated in China, Laos and Vietnam is used in traditional Chinese medicine to treat stomach-aches, constipation, dysentery, and other digestion problems

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