My second bowl of groats

Thought it was going to be brown rice Japanese miso porridge this morning, recipe courtesy of Yoko in Japan, but there is no brown rice in the house , and she would be insistent upon the colour of the rice, as I recently coaxed weeds into coexisting with an ancient variety of brown rice we were both planting as WOOFERS for the Hirolgoian Organic Farm in Chiba provinces, and had a lot of time to talk about brown being beautiful when it comes to grains. Yoko and her porridge will have her own post. Back in the now I am chewing on my second ever bowl of groats, which having soaked now for three days smell like a straw beach mat left to rot in the tropical sun, but actually taste delicious with the date and the half plum that I threw into the boil. Cooled with soy milk , the taste is far better than the smell. Delicious in fact, with a texture that I imagine crisp young maggots to crunch like. And they are brown, with both the germ and the husk still in tact. Yoko would be pleased.


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