Porridge Meditation

I am reading echrardt Tolles new earth and he talks about presenece and giving yourself one hundred perecnt to the present moment be it the task in hand or the world that surrounds you or your or an acknowledgement of the thoughts that are occupying your mind and trying to drag you nto the future or transport you back to the past. if you cook oats , really give t all of your attention. It is not what you do ut how you do it, he says. S when you pll the lid of f the oat tin, whilst it is for the purpose of getting at the oats, also make it about just pulling the lid of the oats. What he is saying is LIVE the NOW. Love the reality of what is at the moment and do not live in expectation of the delicious porridg that you are imageining at the expense of the potentially even better mediattive process of preparing them.
So I note with interest the many oat providors or oat recipe providers on the internet strating their sell on oats with sentances like: ” Who has time to cook oats the old fashioned way. Bung this instant version in the microwave.”
Becoming one with time and one with the oats.

Recipe for porridge mediatation

Eneter the kitchen with no expectaions of what your porridg will turn out like or even if you will have porridge for breakfast.
Feel the irritation of the two million o more important tings , nagging you that you sold be doing something more productive/ important / glamorous/ highbrow, career serving than makeing porridge. Stop and really feel it. locate it physically the tension rising in the shoulders, the slightly sick feeling in the stomach the voice in the head that is mulling over that really really important thing that you potentially fucked up at work yesterday.
Acknowledge those feelings fully, let them wash over you, amp them up, an book them in for an appointment later in the ay when the important business of NOW is done.
Breathe in through your nose feeling the nagging voice of the mind slip away as you very consciously pay attention to the breath passing through your nostril airs, along the septumof your nose , up into your brain , down your spinal chord and to your belly, all the way to your toes.
take a piece of pizza from last nights leftovers out of the fridge , and have that with a glass of delciously unhealthy ( like coke) followed by a spoonfullful of haggen Daz icecream, and race out the door to serve the job that pays the rent allows you to plug into mind numbing / expanding diversions such as facebook for the rest of the day.


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