Convalescent Porridge – cooling the fire within.


rice congee ( plain boiled rice porridge  bought from someone who has boiled it for hours)
honeydew melon
maple syrup
black sesame
soy milk

Served at body temperature

Melons are the most cooling of fruits, rice is usually neutral and  fortifying for convalescence particularly  rice that has been boiled for hours allowing  nutrients to slip on into the blood stream with little digestive effort.
Wheat congee is also cooling.

Raw foods, and foods that are too cold in a very physical sense are very hard on the stomach which is compared to a cooking pot ,in traditional chinese Medicine. You are throwing water on the cooking fire by having cold or  raw foods and it takes a lot of energy for your body to digest your foods (ie restart the fire that is your stomach chi). At the  same time if you are feverish with swine flu like I feel that i am, then do not  over stoke the fires for fear of burning down the kitchen.
I have found an awsome link this morning which praises juk, congeee, rice porridges as boiled rice gruells are knowm. and makes referenecs to different congee recipees for convalesence. The link is and containes post titles such as healing with food, and references 33 differnt congees  for healing by whole foods.


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