ginger pepper date for dry persistant cough

It is self indulgent writing  posts about MY maladies, hypochondriact-exhibitionist style, but I guess a blog is all about that.  So… my flu has abated but a dry ticklish cough remains and a quick search of the internet for home remedies suggests ginger and black pepper for opening up the lungs and dislodging any phlegm that has dried up and stuck to the lung walls. If you dont move it, your body may become addicted to the memory of the cough and not want to give up the action. You can have a dry cough for years , i discovered  ( and there are websites and blogs started by suffereres).I drank a glass of garlic water on the side (also recommend,  but  let the chopped garlic clove sit for ten minutes first to maximise the acillin-efficasy, ref:, and cooled  this very heaty yang combination in the Chinese with a  glass of green barley. The oast themselves are demulcent so helps helps repair an inflamed mucous membrane.  Honey and dates , sweetened as they soothed in their own also demulcent way.


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