Peace Porridge


peace porridge

peace porridge

Blogging about food is out of controll on the internet and some of it aint pretty. There is a war raging  between RAW and COOKED with  annecdotal evidence and hard science  the weapons of engagement. Raw foodists fire enzyme annectdotes at those who have dared to place fire beneath their legumes. Food processor types redicule their paleo-sentimentality with hard scientific fact.  Vitamins are destroyed through cooking say raw foodists. Some anti oxidants only become available through cooking say processors. New japanese scienece claims that hard texture foods make you lose weight  (you have to work to chew and digest them) , whilst soft foods are fat pills (usually soft through processing and cooking so are quickly absorbed and stored as fat if not used). Porridge has the potential to bring peace and bring breakfast beyond the primitive concept of my food is good,  yours is bad.
As I boiled water for  coffee this morning, I added oats to a half a pot of water for a long slow boil. After checking my emails, I added more oats for the medium chew texture factor, and finally after decanting into a bowl  added chewy uncooked rolled oats, which whilst processed to some degree (they are steamed,cut and rolled in the factory) will still probably travel through the gut giving me whatever benefits their less cooked status offers (hunger starveing bulk I guess ). I coud be extreme on this and sit by the stove for an hour adding oats at precise minute-intervals to get a fuller range of textures and a wider gamut on the antioxidant release to vitamin retention scale, but this would be getting obsessive, when it is peace and conciliation that are the aim of this mornings porridge.


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