Porridge Bliss – its not what you eat but the way that you love it

Rainbow Over Victoria Harbour Hong Kong

Rainbow Over Victoria Harbour Hong Kong

There is another typhoon cloud hanging over Victoria Harbour and I want to sit and watch the sun rise through it in a mediative bliss, but I am drawn to the computer to write this porridge blog..well actually to enter the addictive world of food philosophy rants… how we should eat it, prepare it, combine it, marginliise it, revile it, or love it!  This morning, food-combining was the internet wave I was surfing, the theory: different foods digest in different ways and incompatable foods require  digestive juices which neutalise each other leaving food to stew and rot and subsequently toxify our body-temples.  Eager recruits on online forums  seek food combining advice on complexities   such as whether they can have hommus with their bread as the rich proteins content of chickpeas is confusing to the theory that carbs and proteins sould not be combined.

Food Combinists  maximate as follows .

  • Dont mix carbs and proteins – one digests in alakaline environment the othe in an acid environment
  • Dont mix fruit with anything, particularly raw fruits, eat it alone and before a heavy meal rather than afterwards, so it doesnt get get trapped by a blockade of meat or carbs and ferment to alcohol and gas.
  • No sugary stuff  including dried fruit with carbs.

So for porridge I guess this kills all the fruity oat combinations ( would  be the end of this blog), and even the juk should be sans fish or meat (another death knell). Simple vegetable porridges like  the Mainland  Chinese eat are O.K. Sounds like the most boring and mentally taxing diet in the world which of course makes it very appealing for people like myself who relish  the mohair shirt and wear it as  an identity enhancer.
One of the every-other-diet-bad-but-ours-so-buy-the-DVD here websites I consumed on my breakfast web-crawl did have a link however to a site which says Just Eat Conciously. Whatever you eat, chew it with grattitude and a hundred percent attention to the food,  and treat the proces of eating as meditation..as if you are the taste of porridge itself! Your body will then regulate your eating stop-switch  based on its digestive capabilities. Many of us  over-eat because we are distracted (or want to be distracted). We over eat because we are unconcious and our body no longer operates on the primal instinct that tells us to stop.   The full article here is quite fascinating.
This mornings porridge, slow boiled oats with a smattering of dry oats on top cooled with soy milk was eaten without distraction, mostly with my eyes closed as I slowly chewed each and every partially cooked oat appreciating the wonderful texture that exercise my jaw,  the tough little  fibres that will scour my gut, the soothing mucalgenous properties that calm inflamation, and the low GI starches that will nourish and  by mind and body in a measured slow release . As a mediation it was absorbing. Any sugar would have been overwhelming of the senses in the a heightened state of food love that i experienced.
Satisfying taste and texture buds quells addictive eating as your senses have sated such desires consciously. I like this theory and will  experiment with it on a big mac for lunch  and report how it works on something less wholesome than oats.


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