Detoxing Editorial Shenanigans

Life is Life eating Life, says Joseph Campbell. Nahh . Not today.

Goldilocks is an important stop on the historical timeline of porridge… yep.. getting somehwere.

Porridge that de-heavy metals you – yeah…what is it called when a blog is bent to a subject. Editorial shennanigans???…yesterday i cooked a porridge with carrotts and cilantro – beta carotene has wonderous properties including improving your melanin so you dnt get sunburnt so easily – and research is saying that cooking the carrots ( never discarding the water) and consuming with a little oil maximises the iatmin uptake. Coriander pairs beautifully with carrot. Also known as Cilantro or Chinese parsely, it has been suggested that this pungent herb mobilises heavyetals from the lood stream, which can be excreted from he body providing a good chelating substanc such as Chlorella is added to the porridge. So todays post is dedicated to detox. BUT it is also dedicated to editorial inauthenticity. because this was really a soup – I never added the grains that would really make it a porridge except in this post. But I cold have . Even a a few , and then what would be the difference. I never added the chlorella but anted to add that important bit of information, for if you are oing to other stirring the toxic depths of your cells you may as well finish the job properly. I did take them in pill form – they would have made the porridge taste revolting! How I love a blog , and the internet for that matter, that you can write anything you want! beware of everything you read , I say!


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