Porridge Bowl of Photos

Bowl of Porridge Photos

Totlly nicked this idea of this site http://www.connectedphotographer.com/issues/issue200601/00001711001.html#thumb after a gogle search on how best to photograph a bowl. I am always photographing bowls of porridge and they are round objects usually in a sqau5re frame that all distorts and bends whenever you are at an odd angle. I want to become a mster. maybe a suscription to gourmet and study the best bowls. I will cut out pictures of bowls and put them in a big glass bowl in th middle of the room like a decorative art piece. Gradually I will substitute my own photos of porridge in bowls for other peoples photos, and then one day i will have a bowl full of porridge photographs which i can write recipes on the back of – a profitable commercial enetrprise I am thinking!


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