Bubur-Hitam Porridge at the Thai-Vietnamese-Shanghainese (and now Indonesian) New York Cafe of Taihang Hong Kong

The New York Cafe in the backstreets of Taihang, already reeling in the customers with the owner’s mother’s sensational homemade Shanghainese wantons, is set to double their business with their new porridge addition to the menu.

Originally a  Thai curries and stir-frys  lunchtime joint, New York Cafe quickly expanded into Vietnamese. The owners mother brought  Mainland China into the  fray  with team wonton, ma dofu (fresh soybean with crinkle sheet tofu) and tipsy chicken  a lighter version of drunken chicken). Now pushing the pan-Asia idenity crisis a little further, Indonesian porridge is being served – offered to us last night as a complimentary desert –  possibly to muzzle our overly effusive praises of the Mama Shanghai’s dumplings.

The porridge was Indonesian Bubur Hitam – a black rice porridge with  a subtle sprinkling of  crunchy sweet-corn kernels, and it was another hit. The ambience of the New York cafe does add to the meal appeal. Dining is semi to full-blown alfresco – spilling out of the open roller door onto the pavement and into the gutter as the crowds continue to pour into this once quiet back street. Drive by ordering and pick up is available for those who dont like to sweat. Or there is an air-conditioned side room charmingly decorated with travel-trinkets, laundry powder, buckets, notepads, books, brushes, caricatures of the daughter and other homely bric-a-brac.

A unique place with a unique porridge!


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  1. my porridge concoction this morning as i have waited nearly a week for an update on this blog…organic rolled oats and sunflower seeds, soem frozen bluevrries strawbs blackberries and raspberries defrosted , half a small banana, some organic plain yoghurt and some skim milk topped with a 3 green grapes

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