Park Hyatt Porridge

Touched down in Tokyo last night,  limosine-bus from airport straight to the Park Hyatt Hotel in Shinjuku. Hot oatmeal is on the room service menu, but it might be disrespectful to the sprirt of oats-for-all, and the frugality of my Scottish forefathers to pay out 990 Yen (10 USD) for oats – though to give the hotel credit , it has been priced below a cup of coffee which comes in at 1350 yen (14US).   I could have chosen  a bowl of   Japanese extravagance  by ordering Kanizousui –  Hot crab porridge with Pickled Vegetables ( 2500Yen),  but instead, hit the streets, spent the 9 US on a bowl of ramen with big slices of fatty pork in a miso broth, another 5 on a bottle of Asahi beer, and watched the beautiful people of Shinjuku  strolling amidst the neon under a mid autumn full moon.

I now have an internet connection, a bicycle and Yoko, my local porridge expert, each playing their part in sourcing Tokyo specialities. Like Scarlett Johannson in Lost in Translation, I am ready to leave the Ivory Tower of the Park Hyatt and  find the places where the ordinary Tokyites take their porridge.


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