Alkalarian Love Porridge

There is a powerful nutrition theory that alkaline forming foods are the ideal for optimum health. The idea is that toxin forming fungii like candida, and other parasitic disease causing moulds and bacteria cannot survive an alkaline environment, and that over acid conditions are neutralised by calcium which is divereted from bone strengthing . All the fun foods are acid – coca cola, alcohol, sugar, carbs, (plus all drugs) – so weight loss is associated with an alkalizing diet in which 80 percent of intake is meant to be alkaline (veg and some low sugar fruits -basically).

The difficulty in an alkalizing diet is that all carbs are acid forming and not only does the brain require the glucose from carb conversion to operate, but so does a porridge blog. There is that 20 percent leeway for acid foods however – plus – in the more sophisticated acid/ alkaline food charts you find on the internet – some carbs are more alkaline than others. Brown rice , claimed Yoko (blogged in an earlier post) is PH neutral.
some say Amaranth and quinoa – ancient grains of Mayans and other indigenous tribes more in tune with the universe than we are – are also included on the alkaline side by some of the more friendly charts. And then there are ways of offsetting acidity – celery, cucumber, bitter melon juice (Any veg is super alkalizing). Add lemons to your water. A pinch of sodium bicarbonate in your omelet.
I don’t stick to this diet religiously (though I did for a while)- but when I depart from it too voraciously i feel itchy and sluggish. And since Japan , and Tibet prior to that, were such white flour noodle and beer fiestas, todays porridge is dedicated to the spirit of bringing PH to  base.

Brown Rice Miso Porridge Recipe
1/2 cup brown rice boiled and blended (if desired)
Half a carrot for vegetal sweetness
Spoonful of Miso paste ( very probiotic if good quality and good for replacing the unfriendly biota that an alkalarian diet evicts)
Bean / alfalfa sprouts (extra alkalizing burst)
Green onions (chives or shallots)
White Pepper

Prepare with love  (anger and negative emotions more acid forming than a six pack of wild turkey and coke downed whilst chain-smoking a packet of Winnie Reds cut with Voltarin.)


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