Beijing leads the field in albatross friendly porridge

As difficult as porridge was to find in Japan, easy it is in Beijing, where I am flying to this afternoon to check out the xifan (congee) scene of the Chinese North. I have heard there is a movement in the hutongs (they’re the little gray walled lanes of old Beijing) towards whole grains, red rice congee of which I will be partaking by shuffling into step with the old timers who wander down of a morning and pick up a yuans worth of  the nourishing gruell to enjoy in their courtyard homes amidst date trees and pigeon coups  with the calls of the tofu man and the  mobile knife sharperner, and the beer bottle recycler as the mornings musical introduction.

I am planning to buy a beautiful enamel pot to fit in with this homely crowd who always bring their own container,  but also as a reminder to myself to never use styrofoam takeaway containers again after seeing a documentary of albatrosses in the the arctic with bellyfulls of bottle caps nesting dying aboard a floating island of plastic twice the size of texas.

But as easy as it was to blog posts of healthy brown rice porridge from Japan, difficult it is to diseminate such radical news as plastic free albatross saving porridges from behind the Bamboo firewall. No actually, not difficult to disseminate. Difficult for others in the Mainland of China to access, to see online. Hopefully for international observers – I will be able to email posts of the folks in beijing saying no to plastic and styrofaom and yes to albatross bowls of healthy morning gruell.


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