Yellow River Water Porridge

yellow river watered porridge

yellow river watered porridge

AS blogging  from beijing may be difficult . This porridge picture  has been posted by  forwarding dating from Hong Kong – which I just learned how to do. I think it follows the albatross friendly  porridge post in  that waters used to cook this delicous  porridge are from the  headwaters of the Yellow River  in Qinghai – which have fed the  mother river of the Chinese cicilisation – now drying up before they even reach the sea – probably not a bad  thing for albatrosses in antarctica saved from another river-load of plastic discharge.


6 Responses

  1. yum that porridge on the stove looks good

  2. tag maybe also maduo, some of the wildlife there?

  3. I think it is time to move this porridge blog along…world porridge day has come and gone, without a mention…prize porridges digested and declared the best of the best…porridge is seemingly where it is AT…”make mine porridge, stirred not shaken…”

  4. I think we have to wait for Bali or Hawaii for more porridge.

  5. Sorry everyone for my slackness . Havent had time to eat a bowl of porridge let alone blog one. As I once mentioned before – one needs to be warey of times when you are too busy to boil the porridge.
    bali has lovely bubur so I will definietly be blogging balinese porridge. thanks for staying loyal to the porridge blog .

  6. yes well what are friends’re lucky we haven’t deserted and gone to the french toast blog..
    looking forward to the bubur.

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