Bali Black Rice Bubur


Singapore Airlines Flight 869 , Denpasar, pick up by by my brother sister and nephew – taxied down legian drive and before knew it , had a nasi gorgeng and pineapple shake on a small laminated table in the warung Yogya, placed before me. And…. drum rolll…. porridge is on the breakfast menu , said Susan , knowing this would excite me. Patiently , I waited, for breakfast at the Ini Ini retsurant. Good Java coffee, beautiful fruit salad, and then… the piece de resitance… black rice balinese bubur with coconut milk , palm sugar and shredded coconut on top. It rates the flight to bali, but am looking forward to comparing it with the local variations in ubud tomorrow morning.


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  1. what does the ‘burbur’ bit mean

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