Order in Advance and Put a Flower Behind Garuda’s Ear Porridge

Porridge at the Ubud Inn where we are staying is again Balinese black rice porridge but here it needs to be ordered a day in advance. Can you imagine how good this porridge must be. Where else on earth has a menu featuring porridge that needs to be ordered a day in advance. Most porridge recipes on the net bemoan soaking oats and possevively count the seconds that it takes a micro-blast their oats. I love it; this is Bali, the land of rubber time, the land where before people go to work in the morning they will decorate the gate statue of Hanuman with hibiscus, weave palm leaf baskets filling them with sweets, incence, and clove ciggarettes for the gods resident on doors step, tree nooks and spirit houses, and then constructying temples not only on every corner but between every third or fourth residence along the road to perpetuate heaven on earth.

So despite a porridge-less start to the day, just being in Bali our spirits are and energy levels were high. Bellys full of croissant and fruit salad, Susan, David and I set off for a hike to the famous Ubud Rice paddy walk, hiking to the top of Moneky forest road, hanging a right at the temple and a left onto jalan kajeng, revelling in the mountain rice rustling picturesquely in fields edged by coconut and sugar palms, amused by the idea that we were actually in the belly of the porridge itself, in its preharvested, pre processed , precooked incarnation.

As we walked the narrow paths along field edge we were offered coconuts by farmers resting in lean-to’s woven from palm fronds and split bamboo. We took coffee at a tiny warung in Pundok Bunkuan and then lunch at the Organic Warung Bodag Maliah further down the padi trail, a restaurant that was all cussions and raised platforms in an open setting overlooking expansive paddi cut by jungle lined streams.
Not only organic inspired , this place was a creative kitchen serving frozen custard textured jack-fruit juice, kambucha teas flaboured with mint and tamarillo. Tropical jams (persimmon, tamarillo , rambutan) perfect I imagined for sweetening up a porridge. These were all overshadowed however by a porridge dressing I have never seen before – coconut syrup made-to quote the label – ” from sweet energised water produced by the living coconut trees… naturally condensed and bottled on a secluded beach at the base of an active volcano on the magical island of bali.
It is the maple syrup of the tropics, with a very slight hint of mollases.
Still to be porridge tested, it tasted well in the Kintamani organic coffee which i also purchased from this primo gourmet warung.


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