Injin Porridge at the Ubud Inn – A Contextual Recipe.

lotus long


Everything is connected. And I think that this the essence of a appreciating a good porridge – where its produced, where you eat it , how its prepared, the environment in which you enjoy it and so on. For instance: I love the taste of Indonesian Coffee but moreso in Indonesia and preferably in a tiny field side hut, the smell of clove ciggarettes being smoked by a pair of old straw hatted farmers, bananas being in the back, rice stalks being burnt in the field next door, the laughter of a child who has justbeaten you at chess for the twelfth time, and so on. I am sure the same applies to the Bubur Injin  Balinese black rice and cocounut porridge that i am loving here at the Ubud Inn. So todays recipe is acontextual one which should start with the instruction to buy a ticket to Bali and check into the Ubud Inn, but will start with where I am right am now which is awake pre dawn listening to the cocks crowing, drinking a pre breakfast Kintamani coffee in the dark at a slab timber table in the Ubud Inn front restuarant between the moonlight reflecting lotus pond and the shiny red Italian espresso machine.


Plug in computer to blog porridge (writing a porridge blog really helps you apprecaite porridge and notic the conetxt).

Wait for Bharata – the boss, and dawn shift gardener,  to arrive.  Yesterday he gave me hot water from the espresso machine to make my own coffee . Today he told me to just help myself. I feel like a local. Arrivingat 4.45 a.m , he tells me he loves th dawn shift whcih he has done since the hotel like a lotus flower rose out of the rice paddi in 1971.

Drink coffee, check emails, flick through photos and contemplate porridge as the pre-dawn inky blackness around the faintly silloutteed palms begins purpling,  procceeds to  blue, hinting at pink  then  yellowing  into a bruise coloured grey.

Pack up computer, walk down Monkey Forest Road, hanging a right at the bridge and get into the countryside for a run / walk /photo expedition in the paddi apprecaieting the fact that the ingredients of bubur Injin are all growing in the fields, along jungle lined creeks and in kitchen gardens – the subtle flavours of Bubur Injin like vanilla , winding around the narrow trunks of sugar palms, coconuts lining the narrow paths along whcih farmers walk to work in their fields.

Return to hotel for a dip in the the pool, watching the gardeners collect frangipannis, gently pruning the ginger and hibiscus.

Move to poolside restaurant having pre ordered porridge. Drink a papaya juice and eat a coconut shell bowlof tropical fruits with freshly squeezed lime, makeing banter with the wait staff – all longtermers whohelp you plan out your day, picking up comissions on taxis or day trips in return for their service.

petal porridge

Petal porridge in the Ubud Inn lotus pond

Be talked into renting a motor bike, or attending a ketchak dance or laze around the pool watching thenectar loving bird flitting amidst the flowers, savouring the tastes of black rice , cocnut , banana vanilla and palm sugar, planning to pepepare this porridge delicacy when you return back home , by following the contextual recipe addhering  firt and most importantly to instruction number one – buy a ticket to Bali, …


4 Responses

  1. this is a nice account of your adventures in Bali

  2. It sounds absolutely idyllic, peel me a grape or a banana will do as long as I’m beside that pool at the Ubud Inn.

  3. The header image of the blog looks wonderful and Petal porridge in the Ubud Inn lotus pond looks awesome. Would love to have these flowers in my garden pond. It looks cool 🙂

    • Sorry flowers
      You got stuck in the spam queue. Thanks for your comment on the post. Do visit bali. I f you are into flowers it is jut stunning. people are employed at hotels just to decorate the statues, and make offerings to the gods with arrangements of hibiscus and frangipanni.

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