bubur sum sum

Massage therapists on Monkey forest Road eating Sum Sum Porridge.

You think you have come to the land of slow porridge, where patience and a little pre planning is the lesson in the Bubur. Then you walk down the street – Jalan Monkey Forest of Ubud in this case – and you discover instant porridge waiting for you in a basket, cooked and requiring nothing more than a nod to the hawker who has already boiled down the beras(unprocessed) rice) coloured and flavoured it with with pandan leaves, sliced disposable plates out of banana leaves, fashioned spoons from palm fronds , and packed it complete with coconut shavings and palm sugar into a shoulder pole basket to bring to the people of the street who may not have the luxury of staying in a lotus-blinged resort and ordering a day in advance. This porridge is called Sum Sum, is served at street level in Ubud and is popular amongst taxi drivers and massage therapists who sit roadside advertisening their services to the passing tourists – never themselves sure when their next meal ticket will arrive, but well placed for a cheap instant porridge experience as delicious as any high-end gourmet meal on this restaurant heavy mile.
bubur sum sum 3

Sum sum porridge made from rice with palm sugar shaved coconut - palm leaf spoons sticking out from the side.


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  1. Beautiful beautiful beautiful – can you not just do a porridge coffee table book now with all these beautiful blogs?

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