I left my heart and my Bubur Ayam in Indonesia

Offerings to the Sea in Legian , Bali, indonesia.

Departing Indonesia was dificult.  I changed my flight twice , and was in the pounding surf off Legian Beach with the sun rising in a pink and blue palm fringed sky just hours before my flight- trying to lick clean the last drops sweet coconut syrup from the delicious bowl of tropical bubur that is Bali.

On the ocean edge, a sea snake slithered accross the low tide sand flats back towards the waves. Balinese, Japanese and Australian morning surfers followed. A Saronged women placed flowers toast and crackers arranged poetically apon a woven palm leaf plates on the waters edge as an offering to the Sea. Dogs with bells around their neck – many adoptees from the Bali Dog programme – frollicked alongside their their owners, jogging through the swash, the dogs snacking on crackers and toast along the way.

I didn’t have have time for a last bubur breakfast with my flight departing at 9 am. And there were more porridges that Iwas yet to try – Bubur Ayam – chicken and rice porridge  for instance, which up in Lovina, I had been told was cityfood, and food for convelescing. I would have to come back for that one. And this thought gave me comfort as I scootered back to the three brothers Inn, threw my bags into a jeep-taxi and hit the airport road.


2 Responses

  1. I have really enjoyed reading about your experiences in Bali it does make me want to visit, maybe you could sell one of these articles to the Balinese tourism board as a travel article? same with the Japanese ones…hong kong. china etc

  2. Thanks Jacqui
    It is a fun subject to write about. I have found some real live scott to interview about porridge , here in HK, so stay tuned.

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