Getting High on the Dragon’s Back with Tea-Porridge

The Porridge Blog has stalled this last few weeks, but so has my porridge eating. It is lovely porridge weather here in Hong Kong, cool and brisk, and I am up early enough to be soaking oats and warming myself by the gas stove as it cooks but my new obsession with dawn and getting up somewhere high in the hills to watch the sun rise  sees me packing a salami cheese sandwich  and a thermos of tea  as  the food part of my new morning MO (modus operandi).

My new MO goes like this –  have an alkalising lemon juice , an acidifying coffee, check a Poetic Universe – my other blog –  and make sure it auto-uploaded, make a thermos of tea (I have thought about making a thermos of porridge just so i can blog about porridge in high places – but I prefer to be Julia Childs  with a passion for the experience first rather than Julie Powel whose driving force became hits on her blog (( you might need to watch Julie and Julia  for contetx to this comment)) then I pack a small book of poetry to garner material for a Poetic Universe ,   exit the house and  either run up a hill , or  jump  aboard  any bus thats going upward until I hit the hills.

Wait . Stop the press. I have had an idea, a compromise:


Zip locked oats which I can carry in my  bumbag with thermos to  pour warm milky tea on top of  like a Tibetan nomad would her tsampa…

And this idea has been driven by the writing process of  getting you a blog post about not  haveing cooked  or blogged porridge for a while. Hmm…


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