Experimental Porridge – Toasted

For the sake of experimentation this mornings oats were toasted in a saucepan over a hot flame filling the kicthen with a warm nutty smell.
Water added, I sat by the stove stirring whilst reading about survivalism – a term I came across whilst googling thermos cooking, following my discovery of this novel way to prepare porridge literally on the run (see previous post).
Milk cooled the oats, salt flavour enhanced them. No sweeteners this morning as I am chasing the flavour of toast. It is there, subtle, but the major difference seems to be the texture which is an oatsy version of al dente.


5 Responses

  1. That sounds interesting..will try it.. milk could be added instead of water. dare i say it evaporated milk is tasty with porridge..you can get a low fat one..

  2. oats soaked in mlk or water overnight in the fridge and eaten cold are a different texture too..but very nice..

  3. I have an easy way to make muesli ( porridges cousin) now, I just buy a 1kg of organic oats, and a packet of sunflower seeds and put 1/2 packet to the one kilo of oats …nothing else fancy then when I prepare porridges cousin, I add thawed berries, and yoghurt and a few fresh grapes and half a banana..and add milk…it does’nt seem dry or forboding in anyway

  4. I have been adding pepitas to the mixture above and this morning some fresh peach as well , and finding it very delicious, breakfast is my favorite meal of the day I

  5. a kilo of organic rolled oats cost $6.25 here, I can’t rmemerb the price of the pepitas and sunflower seeds…..but I know if you buy already made muesli it is minmum $10 for about half a kilo ..and often with not ingredients you would not want in it…so easy to make oyur own with rolled oats and oyur own sunflower seeds etc

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