Sydney: a porridgeless summer.

A years love affair with exotic porridges from Hong Kong to Japan, Tibet, Thailand and Bali, ended as I I jetted into Sydney last Decemeber for summer. Cautious not to bring any food or biological matter through customs, I also deposited into the food waste bins my lust for oats, congee , and tsampa, bubur and all the other varities of porridges that fed my cells, anti-inflamed my blood, and warmed or cooled my soul ( and body chemistry) throughout the year.
Is it imprinted on us that at home we eat foods that we ate when we were young. Summer fruits, peaches, plums and nectarines for sure.
But there are also new old fashioned foods reclaiming their space in the sun at open air markets and pushing porridge off my breakfast menu for the sheer sake of so many new and wonderful breakfasts needing my support. There are A2 Jersey cow yoghurts, olive and rosemary sourdoughs, sour cherry and amaranth buns, anchovie stuffed olives, biodynamically grown tomoatoes, macadamia nut spreads, raw dark chocolate , coconut and agave spreads, free range eggs for omlettes and scrumped herbs . Porridge has simply been bumped out of the way by lovingly grown organic and natural foods that are abundant and nicely priced if you shop at the weekend farmers markets (rather than the gourmet providores)which sprouted up like pine mushrooms in the old railway tunnels under Sydney (another wonderful breakfast base avaialble at these markets).
The French’s Forest Organic Market ( my local) on a Sunday morning is one of my favourite Sydney experieneces: Fresh Jersey A2 protein milk from “over the Moon”, fishoil friendly dandelion teas from starflower, salt-bush free-ranged lamb sausages from Drovers Choice, Cherries, blueberries, peaches, bags of ancient grain sprouts micro-greens, and even lettuce leaves for the worms, to mention a few.

But the summer stone fruits are now dwindling as the crisp autumn air ushers in apples, and pears. Yesterday found myself drawn to the “Honest to Goodness – Real Food That Loves You Back” stall and purchased their Organic 4 Grain Goodness blend of oat, spelt, quinoa and Barley, with thoughts of a warming scottish porridge for breakfast. And when the porridge pot comes out in Sydney, I know that a cold wind is just around the corner creating a front that will push summer high into the sky and accross Indian Ocean lifting me with it across the water back to Hong Kong and other exotic porridge lands.


2 Responses

  1. I have not deserted porridges cousin duirng these days of your tastebud diversions. I have stayed with a muesli, of organice oats, some pepitas and sunflower seeds and the addition of berries green grapes, yoghurt and an an occasional touch of a potasium laden banana…BUT I have recently been inspired by a friends forays into scrumping and local food foraging…and have discovered a lily pilly in the street and am working up to some local addtions to the morning cousin of porridge ( museli) …oh i just remmembered that scrumping friend is YOU

  2. sighhhh I have really missed the porridge thread..
    great writing today and great response .

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