Kindness Porridge

The China Study, a book  which compares the American diet to the Chinese diet, basically concludes that heart disease, auto immune diseases and cancers are intrinsically linked to meat and dairy consumption and vegetable-underconsumption. Estrogen overload from excessive meat, dairy (and non-fermented soy) appear be skyrocketing breast cancers, depression and a bunch of other epidemiologically linked up diseases. If you are a meat or dairy user, do so safely. Tell a friend what you are doing. Make sure your dealer is treating their product kindly – feeding the cows grass and letting the chickens frollick in the meadows – and not cutting the meats with extra hormones or feeding them anti-nutrient soy, high fructose corn syrups, and other poisons.
If you are an addict (I am with ice cream, and even eat the antifreeze-cut varieties when I am desperate) reduce in other ways! Is this alarmist. Probably yes for some people. For others not. Michael Pollan who wrote the Omnivores Dilemna says that human populations will eventually adapt to anything (and probably the Swiss mountaineers have for milk, the mongols plainsmen have for meat). This means  you are at greater risk from things your own cultural group has had little exposure to. Eat things that your own cultural group has evolved with for thousands of years. I am Sweedish/ Irish by descent so may be well adapted to soda bread, roll mops, cloudberry cordials, potatoes, Irish whiskey, pots of tea – but coming back to the China Study, Western diseases look to be linked either to too many animals products in western diets and / or not enough vegetables – particularly leafy fibrous ones. The  smartest people in nutrition are also saying that whole foods are delivering nutrition in a way we dont even comprehend so are far better for you than supplements. So this mornings porridge is a meat and  dairy free number, sweetened with black strap mollases which I think is the wholest version of canesugar – the bit with ALL the vitamins and minerals that is usually rejected after the sucrose has been extracted for refining –   and made with oats which have long sustained both Irish and Swede.
Go forth and be nourished by the knowledge of kindness to your body, kindness to the plantet, and most importantly of all  (though given the least attention in nutrition books)  kindness to animals in whatever you eat


Black strap Mollases
Steed or fresh fruit ( nectarines for me here in Oz on the tail end of summer)


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