Oatey compotey dressed with watermelon, mint, and chia

Crazy combo this one, particularly the watermelon, but the house here in French’s Forest is overflowing with fruit that needs to be used up and porridge is a great vehicle for moving on bananas whose skin is beginning to blacken, mushing in plums who are tender to touch. Likewise the watermelon. the times that I have put a cut watermelon in the fridge only to pull it out weeks later as a slimey goo would be every time, prior to today whereby with new vegetarian zeal I transformed the fruit into juice, added the new gelatinizing wonder food “chia” and sprigs of mint from the garden and daringly dressed the oaty- compote. I know , I know… It is plain weird. Watermelon and carbs just don’t seem compatible. Watermelon doesn’t follow many foods very well as it wants to ferment if it gets stuck behind heavier foods in your stomach. But this vegan friendly dish somehow works and is reminiscent of a rhubarb compote.

A green tea chaser magnifies the antioxidant value of watermelon terrifically according to one of my favourite websites the worlds healthiest foods helping to prevent many different cancers and macro-ocular degeneration amongst other things. Go watermelon Go ( the U.S watermelon promotion board only has a budget of 1.something miliion dollars annually as opposed to the Dairy Industry’s which spends 165 million dollars on stemming the growing opposition to milk !

The Chia seeds, a new ancient food provide the calcium, omegas. vits and mins, and a lovely tadpole egg gelatinous chew. They may get a post of their own , but in the meantime , check out chia at herbs are special


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