Porridge cake and Kind Food concepts

I am back in Hong Kong contemplating my new kindness diet – vegan where possible, vegetarian as a fall back, with allowances in remote area to eat wild  and  free meat,from animals that have had free ranging   or cared for lives, been killed with respect- and only really because in some places you may need to eat whatever you are given in order to be  kind to your own health or out of respect to the offerings of  your host.

My primary motivation is to support my sister for whom this is important on an animal welfare level. My nephew has also become vegetarian,  his motivations spiritual – moving beyond the painful paradox of one minute disneyfying animals and then the next minute eating them. I am inspired by his ability to zoom in on this unconciousness raising aspect of our society. My meat substitute is now self righteousness; being able to scream “meat is murder”  is intoxifying!

A third motivation is health. The China Study  which I have just read, basically puts it that the more vegetables you eat – the better health you will have.

In the three days that i have now been a vegetarian, I have honed in that you need to eat far more food, far more regularly -no problem there.

Variety and having food at hand is important; fruit, nuts , and vegetables washed and scattered about in bowls around the house, pulses soaking, vege snack delights like dolmades and samosas prepared and ready to be eaten – food accessible in all stages of preparation, dips, pickles, chutneys, ground nuts, seeds – then this diet becomes a lot of fun,  with lots of exploration and discoveries.

And porridge of course plays its part. Soak the cereal the night before (as a vegetarian there should always be some lentil, whole grain or bean, or nut soaking to remove any antinutreints in their protective coatings in a pot in your kitchen). Porridge  keeps cold  9 days according to the Peas porridge ryhme  and  was traditonally  left to solididy in  wooden draws by Scottish hearths, sliced into oat cakes to be snacked on during the day. Adapt this concept  as vegan apple and oatmeal cake or  or with chocolate, orange zest, cinnamon – any number of things. Let your left over porridge be your inspiration as it was for this blogger!

Let  your imagination soar, your eating become kind, your doubts become certainty,  and your porridge become cake.


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  1. “Let your imagination soar, your eating become kind, your doubts become certainty, and your porridge become cake.”

    I think this will make a good quote for someone oneday scouring the latest ethereal pickings for words of interest…and use it as an example for their metanalysis on life ( as blogging will have moved by then onto other things)

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