Barley and quinoa-sprout porridge

Ideally you don’t cook sprouts. The point of them as that contain living enzymes and vitamins which are reduced upon cooking. But I’d mixed quinoa which sprouts almost as soon as it gets wet in a sprout bag with neutered barley, and not wanting to eat raw unsprouted barley cooked the whole lot in this mornings porridge. The texture was magnificent. The barley (soaked for several days first) was chewy with a plump grape mouth feel, whilst the quinoa with their 5ml long tadpole tails maintained their mild crunch even after a 7 minute simmer. Next time I would add these sprouts raw. A date and half a banana cooked, coconut milk, coconut-syrup, and the other half banana added fresh all helped to create a thai-desert tasting vegan breakfast porridge with  a comfortable blend of creamy chewiness.


One Response

  1. yum…you thought you would juts slip this one in without anyone knowing…it’s like that with fame….to many bright lights recently?…the coconut syrup wasn’t too sweet? with the date and banana and coconut milk?

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