Protein Porridge – Red lentils, Chia, Bananna and Coconut milk.

Being  vego succesfully requires that you  take pleasure in variety  whilst  consistently attentive to where your protein is coming from. Cheese sandwiches and chips are not  the healthiest alternatives to meat. Red lentils soaked over night will boil into a mush porridge in  minutes.  Add banana, chia, and coconut  milk ( all sources of protein) for a  naturally sweet gluten free vegan porridge, that tastes  wonderfully pea.  Cook or don’t cook these additional ingredients  as you please. My taste buds tell me there is another ingredient that needs to be added. Something to offset the nutty pea flavours. Looking forward to suggestions.


3 Responses

  1. I’m impressed, after 20 vegetarian years, this is a new one and I’m looking forward to testing it out.

  2. how about a touch of lime? or some nutmeg and or cinnamon?

  3. or cardamom ? or a little shredded ginger?

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