Pink Porridge

straweberry yoghurt
chia seeds
mangosteen and cranberry juice
soy milk
fresh chocolate mint


7 Responses

  1. pink porridge soudns good, iron porridge soudned like too much work

  2. have been soaking my oats overnight and is much better, digestively and gives them a nice creamy taste

  3. penny’s pineapple porridge is pleasingly palatable, and perfectly processed , please try next time you pass by at

  4. pass the porridge please! Pauline reached for another prefectly processed penny’s pineapple porridge…please pass by Pauline and purchase at any time for a few pence …pleasure at the end of an oat

  5. wonderful watermelon and superb strawberry wend their way through penny’s perfectly processed porridge, pass by and sample wafting aroma of a pleasant potage of porridge at

  6. it is indeed a wonderful world u share! i have seen many reasons for travelling…..but porridge is the most unusual reason of all! cute.

    • Hi Jaina
      Thanks for your comment.
      I don’t think we need reasons to travel, but it is fun to make them up. Creates for very different experiences.
      I notice from your blog you’re about to head off to Tibet: This is my other blog which you may enjoy – compiled from numerous trips to Tibet – including the East ;

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