Annecdotal Health Tips from The French’s Forest Organic Market to Flavour your Next Spicy Anti Inflamatory Cell Healthy Porridge

Yesterday, at the French’s Forest Organic Markets, I hardly had a chance to shop for talking with Karen and John at Starflower Teas. I am always inspired by these wonderful people who are dedicated to organic herbs, minimal processing of foods, increasing our knowledge on better health, the  munificence of plants,  eating well , whole foods,  teas versus supplements and living naturally. yesterdays conversation included recent findings that Organic food has 2/3rds more antioxidants than non organic, super important in the light of the root causes of cancer and other western degenerative disease, strongly correlated with oxidization and inflammation of cells .
Epidemiological related to this is the much much lower incidence of degenerative diseases in parts of Asia, which researchers are now speculating may be related to the barrage that anti oxidants that spices give to Asian foods.

The ginger in Chinese and Thai rice porridges is a primo example of antioxidant action at work first thing in the morning. Add some Coriander leaves, some chillis. Spices sound inflammatory and intuitively one would think that they rip the gastro pathway to pieces – but apparently not.

Other findings that came up in the conversation were the importance of good oils – fish oils in particular- for brain health, and a low-carb diet for reducing the risk of Alzheimer’s. This has to be weighed in with the fact that some carbs are essential for brain function, and also the traditional Chinese Medicine perspective that advocates well cooked rice porridge as the most gentle start to your engine.

There are a million wonderful recipes or making Asian spiced porridges. This morning I have chicken stock from the Easter Roast chooks, some mushrooms from Dee Why Arcade ( the fact that so many Tibetans and Chinese have recently moved into Dee Why means there are much more interesting ingredients available in this neck of the woods), fresh ginger from the organic markets, and shallots from the garden, cooked in the slow cooker (which will be posted on separately in a few days).


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  1. I tried some grated in my porridge this morning, it was delicious

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