Sweet Curry Porridge

I am back on the porridge. It is the perfect delivery device for spices and antioxidants. Cinnamon and tumeric are  two of the most powerful antioxidants  with lots of inspiring google entries  testifying to these spices being  protectors of our cellular health. Like this:

Picture 2

So here is todays recipe inspired by both Chai tea, and the sweet Indian curries.

The recipe:
Millet, oats, cinnemon, white pepper and tumeric powder gently boiled over a 78 degree flame.

Cool the porridge with some water to the desired consistency before adding the following:

Two cloves, ten sultanas, twenty five coriander seeds, twenty papitas, and seventeen almonds ground in a coffee grinder.

The almonds give it a milky umami and sultanas provide the sweet factor.


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